Ammo Box (.22)

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Ammo Box (.22)

Item ammo 22lr.png

Internal name: item_ammo_22lr
Caliber: .22
Ammo type: Firearm
Inventory size: 2x1
Stack size: 30
Drop quantity: 20 - 30

The .22 round is a small caliber round designed for sport shooting, small game hunting, or pest control. The rounds themselves are easily found, light, and quiet (for a bullet). They lack stopping power, but a head shot or two will be more than enough to put down a zed, depending on what weapon is used. The brand of .22's in The Dead Linger is called White's. The warning on the box reads "Generic Warning Label". The box itself supposedly contains Magnum Rimfire Ammunition.

List of Compatible Weapons[edit | edit source]

Uinta Rifle (.22)
Rabbit-Two-Two Handgun (.22)