Ammo Box (5.56mm)

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Ammo Box (5.56mm)

Item ammo 556mm.png

Internal name: item_ammo_556mm
Caliber: 5.56x45mm
Ammo type: Firearm
Inventory size: ??x??
Stack size: ??
Drop quantity: ?? - ??

The 5.56 millimeter round is a popular mid-caliber rifle round used in hunting and western military weapons. The military shipped out tons of these cartridges during the collapse, and now they are ripe for the picking. The brand name of the manufacturing company is Red Delta Ammunition. The box reads "Centerfire Rifle Cartridges". The warning label reads "Warning: Keep out of reach of children, read all information on this box before use. Keep in a dry place, do not store in direct sunlight."

List of Compatible Weapons[edit | edit source]

C-DEF Sandstone Rifle (5.56mm)