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As of Alpha Build 009 and the introduction of the log cabin, buildings are found in all areas. Buildings are areas of former human habitation that the player is required to loot and hide in to survive the zombie apocalypse. Buildings contain various supplies and objects that the player needs such as guns, ammunition, clothing and food.

As of Alpha Build 009 the most common building is the Suburban House.

List of Buildings[edit | edit source]

Name Primary zone Rarity Notes
Barn Farms Uncommon
Farm house Farms Uncommon
LeLand’s Supermarket Suburbs Uncommon
Log cabin Forests Uncommon
Office building Towns Common
Prison Suburbs Rare
Silo Farms Uncommon
Suburban house Suburbs Common 1 and 2 story variations
Swerts convenience store Towns Uncommon
Under-Construction suburban home Suburbs Uncommon 2 variations
Water tower Towns Uncommon

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