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Survivors wear clothing for practical or aesthetic benefits. Their main function is to provide protection from zombies or the elements, but particular clothes can provide benefits or disadvantages. Clothing is distinguished from accessories; compare a shirt to sunglasses, or pants to a watch. Clothing can be found in almost all formerly inhabited places, though some types of clothing are quite rare.

Clothing stats[edit | edit source]

Defense[edit | edit source]

Some clothes come with a defense rating. Defense lessens the damage the player receives, but clothes with this rating often slow down the player. Damage can be dampened up to 90%.[1]

Speed[edit | edit source]

Some clothes will slow down or speed up the player.

Infection risk[edit | edit source]

Some items of clothes can lower infection risk.

Vision[edit | edit source]

Some articles of clothes like helmets obstruct the players vision.

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References[edit | edit source]

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