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Food[edit | edit source]

Food is required for players to survive. There are many types of food available in The Dead Linger, ranging from meat hunted in the wild and canned and packaged food scavenged from buildings. Food also includes humorous items such as Femme's Cookies—a a nod to the game's producer, Dana "Femm" Churchill. Food's primary effect is to increase the sustenance statistic (more "sustenance" means being less hungry).

Most food items have two to three variants: cooked, raw, and rotten. Raw items can be cooked by players using a campfire. Cooked food reduces hunger by a larger amount than uncooked food. Rotten food currently has no side effects but will eventually cause food sickness.

List of food[edit | edit source]

Name Size +Hunger Shelf life Effect
Apple 1x1 25 168
Rotten apple 1x1 10 causes food sickness
Banana 1x2 25 168
Disgusting banana 1x2 10 causes food sickness
Candimonium Candy Bar 2x1 15 2 buffs attack speed (1)
Melted Candimonium Candy Bar 2x1 5
Wowiezowie Candy Bar 2x1 15 2
Gooey Wowiezowie Candy Bar 2x1 5
Toothbusters Candy Bar 2x1 15 2
Squishy Toothbusters Candy Bar 2x1 5
Orange 1x1 25 72
Mold-covered orange 1x1 10 causes food sickness, Still says excellent condition.
Femme's Cookies 2x2 75 buffs all stats (5), burns hunger (10)
Kepperidge Farm Crackers 2x2 10 buffs reload speed (10), "salty"
Can o' Beans 1x2 35
Canned chili 1x2 45
Canned chicken 3x3 100 rare
Box of Zeds 2x1 8 removes infection (5)
Pear 1x1 20 168
Rotten pear 1x1 8 causes food sickness
Cabbage 2x2 50 168
Putrid cabbage 2x2 8 causes food sickness
Corn 1x2 20 168
Moldy corn 1x2 8 causes food sickness
Raw venison 1x2 45 24 cookable
Cooked venison 1x2 65 72
Venison jerky 1x2 15
Dead rabbit 2x3 10 48 skinnable
Raw rabbit 2x3 30 24 cookable
Cooked rabbit 2x3 40 72

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