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These are the current key bindings for TDL. Everything here is subject to change throughout the development process.[1] Players will be able to change the default layout to whatever they please if they are unhappy with it.

Control Description
W Move Forward
S Move Backward
A Strafe Left
D Strafe Right
Mouse 1 Fire Weapon / Item Primary Use

(When Dual-Wielding) Use Left Weapon / Item

Throw Object (When one is held)

Mouse 2 Aim Weapon / Item Secondary Use

(When Dual-Wielding) Use Right Weapon / Item

Drop Object (When one is held)

R Reload Weapon
G / 3 Quick Slot (Tertiary)
M Map Slot
Q Peek Left
E Peek Right
Mouse Wheel Up / Down Switch Weapon Set
1 Weapon Set 1
2 Weapon Set 2
Space Jump / Vault
Shift Sprint
Left Ctrl Toggle Crouch
Z Toggle Prone
Left Alt Free Look
B / I Open Backpack
F Kick
Middle Click / C Pickup Object / Drop Object
X Throw Object (When one is held)
V Toggle Flashlight
N Toggle Headgear
U Proximity Chat
T Global Chat
Y Team Chat
Tab / F1 Statistics
Esc Options

References[edit | edit source]