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This is a quick paste of the TDLServerOptions.txt included with build 006. More will be elaborated in the future.

TDLServerMain Options:[edit | edit source]

  • adminpass=<whatever>: Sets the admin password for logging into your server in-game. BE SURE TO SET THIS OPTION OR YOUR SERVER CAN BE EASILY GRIEFED.
  • listen: listen server. implies default options for listen server.
  • dedicated: dedicated server. implies default options for dedicated server.
  • debug: enables debug logging
  • maxplayers=x: set max players allowed in the server to x.
  • gamemode=<mode>: set the gamemode to the mode specified
    • solo: max_players = 1. Does not broadcast to server lists, silent welcome banner
    • protected: does not broadcast, otherwise operates normally
    • public: broadcasts to server lists, operates normally
  • nogui: hides the gui (which does not exist yet :)
  • hideall: hides the console, implies --nogui (invisible server, intended to be used by tdl.exe)
  • servername=<name>: sets the publicly advertised name of the server to the value specified, put in quotes to have spaces in your password
  • password=<password>: sets the password required for people joining the server
  • ignore : The command arg gets ignored.
  • filepath <full path to a directory> : Set where TDL data (worlds) get saved. You can also set the environment variable TDL_DATA with the same effect. This command line arg is also available for TDL.exe and is passed to spawned servers (e.g. Solo Mode)

So, if you want to run an online dedicated server named "yournamehere" with a maximum of 8 players, you would call TDLServerMain as follows:

TDLServerMain.exe --dedicated --maxplayers=8 --gamemode=public --servername=yournamehere --adminpass=password

Launching Server from CMD on Windows[edit | edit source]

  1. Hit the Windows Key + R to open a Run Dialog Box.
  2. Type cmd into the box and press enter.
  3. Navigate to your TDL installation, usually in C:\Sandsweptstudios\The Dead Linger\ by typing cd c:\sandsweptstudios\The Dead Linger

  1. Execute the TDLServermain.exe using the options listed above.

Creating a TDL Server Shortcut[edit | edit source]

  1. Open up an Explorer window.
  2. Navigate to the TDL installation.
  3. Right click on TDLServermain.exe, click on Send To, click on Desktop.
  4. Navigate to your Desktop.
  5. Right click on the shortcut you just created and click on Properties.
  6. In the Target box, click outside of the second quotation mark.
  7. Type your server option. Your final text in the Target box should be something like "C:\Sandswept Studios\The Dead Linger Alpha\TDLServerMain.exe" --dedicated --maxplayers=8 --gamemode=public --servername=yournamehere

Please note the placement of the quotation marks.

Server Commands[edit | edit source]

  • /d_fps - displays current FPS
  • /login <password> - log into the server as administrator. By default the password is default, unless specified in the config file
  • /save - save progress in the server
  • /stop - stop the server
  • /setday TIME - sets the time of day where TIME is "dawn", "noon", "dusk", or "midnight"

You can also change the rate of time of day. An Admin can type /set_timerate <seconds>. The default is 7200 while /set_timerate 10 would make the 24 in-game hours go by in 10 seconds and /set_timerate 86400 would make the game 24 hours operate in real-time.

Automatically Restart Server[edit | edit source]

This method was created by forum member Mason and his awesome scripting skills. Original forum post.


  • Windows OS: this program relies on batch scripts.
  • ava plugin: this program is written in java. if you don't have it installed in your computer, here you go Java download.


  1. download this zip file.
  2. unzip this file onto your "The Dead Linger Alpha" folder, found at C:\Sandswept Studios\
  3. right click the "ServerStart - InitializationScript" file and click "edit" - go in it and set up your server accordingly, you can give your server a name, max player... etc. There are further instructions in the file.
  4. (optional) right click the "ServerStart - [START]" file and click "edit" - go in it and change how often you want this program to check up on your server, default is every 10 seconds. Further instructions in the file.
  5. you're set, simply double-click the ServerStart - [START]" batch file everytime you want to start your server. Enjoy! And your welcome.

Credit goes to xxswatelitexx, Duetschbag, and Sycho Analyze for their contributions towards the original script on which this program is based on.

Server GUI[edit | edit source]

Server Gui created by Avian. More info at the original post.