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Enemies will try to hurt or kill players of The Dead Linger. Each behaves differently and is more or less threatening; all require a bit of strategy to survive.

Zombies[edit | edit source]

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Human[edit | edit source]

Human zombies are the main enemy in the game. They attack in large numbers, and have varying levels of agility: some zombies are particularly slow, others are faster than average. These zombies have advanced senses that allow them to detect players through sight, smell, hearing, or touch. However, players can use the environment (such as the cover of darkness) or other tricks to hide from zombies. While they can only be truly killed if their head is destroyed or separated, they may be dismembered to cause impairment. Removing the legs, for example, will slow them down.

Animal[edit | edit source]

Not just humans were infected by the zombie disease. Animal zombies were confirmed in April 2012 and the first animal a zombie dog called a stray was introduced in the first update of 2014. Other animals announced include zombie bulls. Zombie animals behave differently from human zombies and provide a unique challenge. Examples include zombie dogs hunting in packs and are faster than human zombies; they attack the player with fierce biting. Bulls use their horns and strength to ram through anything, including the player. Animal zombies are rarer than human zombies.

Crazed survivors[edit | edit source]

Players are not the only survivors out there. Although likely not in the alpha stage of the game, eventually players can encounter hostile survivors. These humans use weaponry and deadly cunning to defeat zombie and player alike.

Players[edit | edit source]

In multiplayer, other players can be an aid or a curse. Using weaponry, crafting, tactics and teamwork, players are the most dangerous foe.