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Farm houses are houses that often spawn near barns and silos on farmlands. The farm house is a large two-story home with four rooms on the first floor and two rooms and a bathroom on the second floor. On the first floor, next to the staircase is a closet where supplies can often be found. The upstairs bedrooms often contain weapons.

History[edit | edit source]

A Farm house.
Farm houses used to use the same model as suburban houses.

Prior to Build 11 farm houses shared the same model as a two-story suburban house, although they predominantly feature a red exterior texture.

Version Change
Build 15
  • The farmhouse has a lot more detail on the interior, including multiple new rooms and… Ahem, secrets to be found.
Hotfix 11c
  • Added collision to the central overhang at the front of the house
  • Fixed a bug where broken windows might not appear to be textured
Build 11
  • A new Farmhouse building can be found on farms in place of the old suburban house.
Build 007
  • Improved farmhouse
Build 006
  • Rural farmland added