Farmington Double (12 gauge)

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Farmington Double (12 gauge)

Weapon shotgun doublebarrel.png

Internal name: weapon_shotgun_doublebarrel
Type: Shotgun
Hands: Two-handed
Inventory size: 2x4
Durability: 2000
Primary damage: 150 (projectile)
Primary knockback: 0.2
Ammunition: 12 gauge
Magazines: Loaded Directly
Rounds per Magazine: 1

The Farmington Double is a large caliber shotgun. It was present in the first Alpha build. As of Alpha Build 002, the Farmington Double is the most powerful shotgun in game, albeit with a large shot-spread. They are commonly encountered in foyers and bedrooms. The Farmington is likely based off of the Remington Double-barrel 1894, a widespread side by side shotgun.

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