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Weapon tool hammer.png

Internal name: weapon_tool_hammer
Type: Blunt melee
Hands: One-handed
Inventory size: 1x3
Durability: 150
Primary damage: 25 (melee)
Secondary damage: 35 (melee)
Primary knockback: 0.2
Range: medium

The Hammer is an improvised weapon. It has no special effects besides its knockback. It can also be particularly difficult to spot, owing to its small size and unremarkable colours. It is of particular utility and value beyond its use as a weapon thanks to its use in the barricading system.

Spawn Locations[edit | edit source]

Hammers can usually be found in garages of residential homes or behind the counter in a Swerts convenience store. As mentioned above, it can be difficult to spot, especially if hidden in long grass or underneath wooden boards.

Barricading[edit | edit source]

The hammer is primarily used in barricading to attach one piece of material to another. With the hammer equipped, a survivor can attach a board (of any size) to another board, or various parts of game scenery, such as houses or power pylons. Left-clicking will attach the material, and right-clicking will remove the material, causing it to drop downwards.

Pictures[edit | edit source]


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