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A Hunting rifle is a gun made to shoot over great distances with pristine accuracy.

Scoped and Non-Scoped Rifles[edit | edit source]

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Some rifles come equipped with scopes, these are commonly referred to as "Sniper Rifles". This isn't always the case though. many weapons can wave scopes, but doesn't necessarily mean they are a sniper rifle. Most rifles are equipped with scopes by default due to them having such good accuracy. A rifle without a scope isn't the end of the world though, just make use of the iron sights. Iron sights are the metal sights on every gun that are permanently on the gun. Hence the name "Iron Sights". These come on every gun, whether they have a scope or not.

Bolt Action and Semi Automatic[edit | edit source]

Some rifles like the Russian SV98 or the Barrett M95, have an action behind the receiver of the gun that require to manually load a round in by pulling up, back, forward, then down to load a round into the chamber. Others don't require this, they can be fired repeatedly until the magazine is empty or the gun is jammed. Such guns are the Soviet SKS and the H&K M417.

Ammunition[edit | edit source]

Rifles use ammunition ranging from .22 LR to the head blasting 7.62x54 mm
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