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This article is about confirmed but unreleased content. Please check the changelog to see when this content will be released.
Injuries are temporary impairments to a character. They can be caused by essentially any event which causes damage: being bitten by a zombie, being shot, crashing a vehicle, falling, etc. Various parts of the body can sustain an injury, and each type of injury has a unique effect. An injury heals over time, going from 100% impairment to 0% impairment; the effect is more pronounced at higher percentages. Some injuries can be treated with items to mitigate the impairment or speed up recovery.[1]

Injury types[edit | edit source]

Type Cause Symptom Effect Recovery time* Treatment item
Leg Falling from 5+ meters without rolling Character looks down, tilts their ankle and shakes it, grunting in pain. Limping; -0.1 m/s speed per 5% damage. (-2.0 at 100%) 48 hours Leg splint

*All recovery times are game time; how this converts into real time depends on server settings.