LeLand’s Supermarket

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LeLand's Supermarket is a large commercial building found in towns and suburbs. The building is named after Kickstarter backer Jonathan Leland. Food and ingredients can be found scattered across the store, mostly on store shelves. Weapons caches can also be found in the store.

History[edit | edit source]

Version Change
Build 12
  • HUGE additions to the LeLand’s grocery store, from loading docks, back hallways, office rooms, employee rooms, restrooms, and more
Hotfix 11c
  • Updated various materials and added missing normal maps
  • Switched all of LeLand's props over to the new shader system.
  • Added cooling units with useable doors.
  • Added more loot spawns and 2 hidden weapon spawns.
  • Grouped static props into 'groups' for better batching. (Better performance)
Build 11
  • There is a new, large building — a LeLand’s Supermarket. (Congratulations to Kickstarter backer Jonathan Leland!)

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