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Install TDL with PlayOnLinux[edit | edit source]

  1. Install PlayOnLinux
  2. Open PlayOnLinux.
  3. Click Install on the top bar.
  4. Click Install a non-listed program in the bottom left.
  5. You will see a Manual Installation screen, click Next.
  6. Highlight Install a program in a new virtual drive and click Next'.
  7. Enter a title like TDL for the drive and hit Next.
  8. Leave all boxes unchecked and click Next, the virtual drive will be created, just sit tight.
  9. Click Browse and select the TDL executable, then click Open and Next.
  10. Follow the instructions of the TDL installer, this will install TDL and the VC2010 libraries.
  11. After the installation is complete, you will be asked to create a shortcut, select TDL.exe and click Next.
  12. Name your shortcut something like "The Dead Linger" and click Next.
  13. Highlight on I don't want to make another shortcut. and click Next.
  14. This will return you to the main window, click on Configure.
  15. Click on the virtual drive you created (e.g. TDL). This will bring up the PlayOnMac configuration window.
  16. Next to Wine Version you should see System. Click on the plus icon.
  17. In the Available Wine versions click on 1.5.21 and click on the > icon. This will bring up the Wine installer. Click on Next.
  18. Close the PlayOnMac wine versions manager window.
  19. Click on the Install components tab.
  20. Highlight directx9 and click Install. The installer may create an error, click on Next.
  21. You should be back on the PlayOnMac configuration screen. Click on the Wine tab.
  22. Click on Configure Wine, this will launch the wine configuration dialogue box.
  23. In the dialogue box, change Windows Version to Windows 7. Click ok.
  24. Close the PlayOnMac configuration window.

You can now launch The Dead Linger from PlayOnMac or from the shortcut created on your desktop. Please note, when you launch TDL it will want to patch, when you click yes you will not see the patch window and you may have to patch multiple times depending on how far behind the current version is. For example, if you are at 006 you will need to patch to 006b then 006c. You can always say "No" to the patch if you want to test the application to see if it runs.