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A log cabin from outside
A log cabin from inside

Log cabins, introduced in Alpha Build 009 are a building found in forests. They contain various loot such as food, weapons, ammunition and clothing. Log cabins are 1 story buildings commonly comprised of a small living area, bedrooms and an attic. There is a very small chance that a cabin will appear on a farm instead of a farm house.

The living area can contain weapons by the large fireplace and supplies in the kitchenette area. Supplies can also be often found in the back in one of the back rooms of the cabin.

At the end of the corridor in the back of the cabin is a hole in the ceiling which leads to an attic. The attic contains a lot of ammo, weapons and other supplies. Every log cabin attic contains a Vegas Rifle (.308) and ammo for it. One of the easiest ways to reach the attic is by stacking cabin furniture high enough to jump up into the attic.

History[edit | edit source]

Version Change
Build 010d Hotfix
  • Fixed a bug where certain items could not be picked up inside the cabin.
Build 010b Hotfix
  • Cabins now spawn properly and can be found in roughly half of the forests.
Build 009
  • A log cabin now has a 50% chance to spawn in any forest zone. This is a secluded and generally secure location, often filled with some unique treasures and items related to hunting.
  • There is a very low chance that an old cabin will appear on a farm instead of a farm house.

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