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In multiplayer mode, players connect to servers over a Local Area Network (LAN) or on the Internet (through Sandswept's Legion network). Multiplayer characters are persistent across servers, though characters used in LAN games can not be used to play on Legion. While information such as the world map and player locations are saved server-side, attributes and items are a part of the Legion network.

LAN vs. Legion[edit | edit source]

Legion characters are used when playing over the Internet. These characters are stored on Sandswept Studios' own servers, and players must log into make use of them. Obtaining items and trading are more useful on Legion servers, as characters can not simply be hacked for more items. As of April 2012, players are planned to only have one online character and profile. More character slots might be added later on.

LAN characters can be used to play with servers set up on a Local Area Network and Virtual Private Network (Hamachi ). (Currently, there is no information about using an Open Network). Unlike Legion characters, their information is stored on the players' PC and there is no limit to how many characters that can be stored. However, these characters can not be used to play on Legion servers, and due to being stored locally are susceptible to being hacked by players to gain better items or attributes.

Modes[edit | edit source]

There are two multiplayer modes available, Survival and PvP. Survival servers focus on players staying alive despite the zombie outbreak. Players can kill each other if they wish, but this is not the main goal of the mode. On a Survival server, players who want to work together can form parties, and they may specifically declare other parties to be their enemies. On a PvP (player versus player) server, the main objective is to kill other players. To facilitate this, PvP servers feature a much smaller map than Survival servers. PvP servers can be set to work with teams, where each player must join one of several warring teams upon joining the server, or be every player for themselves. As of May 2012, the exact size of the map and the rules for the player vs. player mode are yet to be defined, but discussion is ongoing.[1]