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An example of the office building

Office buildings, introduced in Alpha Build 009 are large 4 story buildings that spawn in town zones. They are filled with loot, as well as the undead and provide a great vantage point over a town.

The office building features a 4 story atrium with stairs that lead between the first and second floors. There are also two stairwells that have access to every floor and the roof. Each floor features open office space and restrooms. The roof allows for wide open view of the surrounding area and a great location for sniping.

History[edit | edit source]

Version Change
Build 14
  • The old office building is gone! There is a new and more dynamic office building present in the world. This building is created with performance and modular floor count in mind. It will play a major role in upcoming builds. You can primarily find this building in Town zones.
Build 12
  • Office Buildings are temporarily much more rare while we work out some performance issues with it.
Build 010h
  • Some detail objects have been added to the Office building rooftops.
Build 009
  • Large, looming 4-story office buildings now spawn in Town zones. These are filled with loot, as well as numerous undead, and provide a great vantage point over a town.

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