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A Pistol is a short to midrange weapon used by some civilians with a permit, many police forces and a common secondary for armies.

Pistol Calibers[edit | edit source]

Pistols can use ammunition ranging from extremely small .22 LR, to the infamous .44 magnum. In The Dead Linger, there are currently 3 Pistols, 1 uses .22 LR, another uses 5.56x45 mm, and the last uses 9 mm. See List of weapons

Rarity[edit | edit source]

Pistols are the most common gun to find in the game. Pistols are commonly semi automatic, however there are some sidearms that have a fully automatic firing mode such as the Glock G18. Currently in the game there are only semi automatic pistols. Lower caliber pistols are more common than higher caliber pistols.