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Prisons, are one of the less common structures to spawn in the world of The Dead Linger, and can be found in suburbs. Added in Alpha Build 007, the first prison complex is named after Kickstarter backer "Elias Thompson" and consists of multiple small structures such as jail cells inside the prison grounds and multiple guard towers. Inside the prison complex, supplies can often be found.

Complex[edit | edit source]

The prison complex is made of two large structures and multiple guard towers all surrounded by two barbed wire fences. There is only one entrance through the fence. Outside the entrance is a sign which reads "Elias Thompson Correctional Facility Est. 1979".

Prison structures[edit | edit source]

Picture Structure Description
Prisonbldglarge.png Main prison structure The main prison structure of the complex is centered around a control station. Attached to the control station are cell blocks and a cafeteria. Supplies can be often found in the center of the control station or in the individual cells. The cafeteria has a large amount of food supplies. A door in the cafeteria leads outside to a fenced in basketball court.
Prisonbldgsml.png Secondary prison structure The secondary prison structure is similar to the main structure. The building also contains a central control station and is only surrounded by cell blocks. Unlike the cell blocks in the main structure, these cell blocks are all one-story and the cells are windowless and more isolated. Supplies can be often found in the center of the control station or in the individual cells.
Prisontower.png Guard tower There are seven guard towers in the prison complex. Weapons and ammo can be found at the top of the guard towers.
The outside of a prison.
The prison grounds.
The prison cells.

History[edit | edit source]

Version Change
Build 15
  • Prison has new loading screen art.
Build 14
  • Prisons are slightly more frequent now.
Build 009c
  • Changed a world generation rule to allow prisons to spawn within 3 kilometers of the world origin. This means survivors now have a chance to spawn in prisons when they create a new world.
Build 008
  • Slightly increased the frequency of prisons.
Build 007
  • Prisons can now be found anywhere in the world, but never near the spawn. There are rumors of at least one prison roughly 2 kilometers to the north. Good hunting!

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