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Rural zones are regions of the map created by the world generator. Rural zones are areas with few buildings and less zombies and supplies than urban zones. However rural zones have more trees and animals than urban zones.

Areas[edit | edit source]

Farms[edit | edit source]

Farmland is a secluded area type that is favorable to hide in. Farmland is characterized by cornfields, rural roads with telephone poles, and farm buildings. The cornfields on farmland can be used for cover, allowing a survivor to hide from the dead as well as other players. It can also, however, be a disadvantage to the player, providing a very limited view of the player's immediate surroundings. Corn can be sometimes found on the ground near the corn stalks. Grassland near farms will sometimes spawn cabbages on the ground.

The types of buildings found on farmland include:

Farms always contain a barn, a farm house and one or two silos. A log cabin will rarely spawn instead of a farm house.

A typical farm area

Forests[edit | edit source]

Forests are common secluded areas full of different types of trees. boulders, and bushes. Rural roads with telephone poles are often found in forests as well. Deer are most commonly found in forests.

Types of forests:

  • Oak forest
  • Pine forest
  • Tall pine forest

As of Build 12 only one structure spawns in a forest:

A typical forest

Grass plains[edit | edit source]

Grassy plains are characterized by grass fields with few trees. Rural roads with telephone poles and transmission towers can spawn in these areas.

Rocklands[edit | edit source]

Fields with many rocks and boulders scattered about. An occasional tree also can dot the landscape. Rural roads with telephone poles and transmission towers can spawn in these areas.


History[edit | edit source]

Version Change
Build 14
  • Farm and forest roads now have properly fading dirt edges.
  • There is a new forest zone; Oak Forest, consisting mainly of large oak trees.
  • There is a new forest zone; Tall Pine Forest, consisting mainly of tall pine trees.
  • Farm crops should no longer intersect barns or silos.
Build 13
  • Zombie population has been lowered in non-populated areas, such as forests, grassland, and rockland.
  • Zones now have randomly generated names based on the type of zone. This name displays on the top right compass.
  • Rocklands now have varying sizes of boulders and rocks, and much larger rocks than they had previously.
  • Forests now have more rocks in them as well.
Build 11
  • A new NPC roams the forests of the world. The Buck — a male deer with glorious antlers — has been added. You can hunt and skin this animal for food. Happy hunting!
  • A new Farmhouse building can be found on farms in place of the old suburban house.
Build 010h
  • Corn stalks have a brand new appearance.
  • Farm crops, specifically corn fields, are much denser. Other farm crop fields (wheat, soy, cabbage) have been removed for the time being and will return in a future build.
Build 010b
  • Cabins now spawn properly and can be found in roughly half of the forests. They will only spawn in newly explored areas if you are playing an existing world.
Build 009
  • A log cabin now has a 50% chance to spawn in any forest zone. This is a secluded and generally secure location, often filled with some unique treasures and items related to hunting.
  • Transmission towers can now be seen looming across the fields and forests of the world.
  • Round hay bales now appear in wheat fields.
  • There is a very low chance that an old cabin will appear on a farm instead of a farm house.
  • Farms will now sometimes be found with only 1 grain silo, instead of 2.
  • Forests now have about three times as many trees as before.
Build 008
  • The ground in fields, farms, and forests is now filled with fantastic, fancy foliage.
  • We have increased the frequency of hills and mountains in the world. The world is generally less flat now.
Build 007
  • Farmland is laid out in a much more intelligent manner. It now has a road passing through it, along with substantial size increase to the crop fields, better visibility of crops, improved farmhouse, hay bales, and more.
Build 006
  • Zombies are much denser in previously populated areas, and less dense in rural and forests. There are scattered reports that they can sometimes be seen huddling in crowds as well. Stay alert.
  • There are multiple new areas to find, including (but not limited to) rocky landscapes, grass plains, and rural farmland.
  • There are now old barns, silos, and fields of crops to be found in Farmland areas.
  • There are multiple new forest types. Forests are much, much larger, as well as much more dense.
Build 001
  • World generation with limited content.

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