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An example of farm silos

Silos, much like the water tower are large, climbable structures found on farmland. Often found next to barns, silos can act as a safe place from zombies and a good sniping point. The top of the silo includes a small chain-link standing area, as well as access to the interior of the silo, which is hollow excluding horizontal wooden supports. A chute can also be accessed from the top of the silo, possibly allowing items to be transferred down to survivors stumbling across another survivor living in the silo.

History[edit | edit source]

Version Change
Build 14
  • The Silo has been remade for better performance and better visual quality (both near and far.)
  • Dual Silos are now slightly further apart to avoid accidental intersection.
Build 009
  • Farms will now sometimes be found with only 1 grain silo, instead of 2.
Build 006
  • There are now silos in Farmland areas.

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