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Suburban houses are one of the most common types of buildings in the world of The Dead Linger, commonly found in suburbs. Houses can vary from heights of 1 to 2 stories and offer a temporary retreat from the dangers of the outside and contain scavenge-able items including but not limited to: weapons, ammunition, food and clothing.

All suburban houses have garages which can contain weapons and boards for barricading. Boards can also be sometimes found in the yard of the house.

Types of suburban houses[edit | edit source]

Picture Type Description
2storysub.png 2-story suburban house A large two-story house. Food can sometimes be found in the kitchen, while weapons and clothes can be found in the bedrooms.
1storysub.png 1-story suburban house A one-story house. Food can sometimes be found in the kitchen, while weapons and clothes can be found in the bedrooms. Backpacks sometimes spawn in the living room.
Underconstruction2.png Under-construction suburban house A suburban home that was under construction before society collapsed. A lot of boards and plywood for barricading can be found around the construction site.

History[edit | edit source]

A suburban house with randomized color.
A Sandswept image of a house procedurally generated.

Houses and other buildings in The Dead Linger were originally intended to be procedurally generated.[1] In Build 007 houses were changed to per-fabricated meshes due to the amount of performance issues created. There are plans to add more types of houses and to add variety to existing houses with varied window designs, stair layouts and textures.[2] In Build 009 houses had randomized colors, but this was removed with engine change to Unity. The intention is to bring the randomized colors back.

Version Change
Hotfix 11c
  • Added new doors and bathroom props to the 1-story house
  • Added light probes to the 1-story house for the new lighting system
  • Fixed the direction some doors open in both houses
  • Added blinds to the light probe system for improved window lighting
Build 11
  • You can now find two types of Under-Construction suburban homes in suburban neighborhoods. These are a good place to find wood and building supplies.
  • There are now fences in the yards of houses. We will be adding gates and more in the near future.
Build 010
  • There are now blinds on windows, and houses have taller windows.
Build 009
  • We have created a system for randomizing house textures and the textures of other structures. Houses will now come in more varied colors. We will be adding more depth to this system later on, such as swapping out interior colors.
  • The front doors on houses have received a new model and texture.
Build 007
  • New house art added.
Build 006
  • Military clothing spawns much less often in houses than it did before.
  • Hallways and rooms inside houses are generally wider now.
  • House generation now checks for slopes better, and houses should rarely, if ever, appear underground or partially buried now.
Build 004
  • A bunch of texture changes and improvements to houses and other objects. (Kitchen tile, house siding, ceilings in houses, bathroom objects, and more.)
  • The front of a house now has a fancier door, instead of the regular white one.
Build 003
  • Floor removed from garages on the sides of houses.
  • Stairs added to door leading from garage into houses.
  • Houses should no longer be found with two doors side by side.
Build 001
  • Suburban houses were part of first release.

References[edit | edit source]

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  2. Zag. Building Diversity 23 May 2013.

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