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There are several tactics that you can use to aid you in survival, on this page I'll list a few:


As many of you are probably aware, zombies are most likely to be right behind a door when you open it, I recommend running through the door. It gives the zombie less chance to grab you, and It gives you more time to react calmly to the situation

The Flying Carpet

Quite a cheap tactic, but I like it. The flying carpet is done by exploiting a glitch in the game. In "The Dead Linger" you can pick up objects, you can also stand on objects. At the moment, 013, you can do both at once. The mattress (Can be found in bedrooms) is the lightest big object in the game. The mattress will despawn if you quit the game. So how do you use it as a flying carpet?

Step 1. Smash open the window in the room that it's in

Step 2. Pick up the mattress and rotate it so that it can fit through the window on a diagonal angle

Step 3. Throw it out the window and get on it

Step 4. (This is where it gets tricky) Once on the mattress, pick it up and hold down right click (to rotate it, this keeps it from tilting) and hold down "space"

Step 5. Keep holding down "right click" and use "wasd" to move around as normal

Step 6. Press "space" to go higher and let go of it to go down

Step 7. This can get you to a lot of unreachable places, such as on top of buildings and electrical poles


The two story building are the ones that you want to go for. They have 5 rooms with loot in them, here is how to get to each room:

(All these directions are from entering via the front door)

Kitchen: To the left of the stairs there is a living room, go through it and straight into the kitchen, this is a good place for food

Bedroom 1: Go straight past the stairs and turn left down the hall way. Take the second left and open the door (watch out for zombies, see Doors above)

Bedroom 2: When you go up the stairs you'll be in a hall way, take the door all the way on the left wall (again, watch out for zombies)

Bedroom 3 and 4: When you go up the stairs turn right, both those doors are bedrooms with loot (watch out for zombies )

Beginning Survivors

In The Dead Linger, there are a few ways to survive. One way which can get you far is to find an isolated place, preferably in or near a forest. The forest will come in handy later when you come across an ax or hatchet in your travels. Now it is time to scavenge. Go adventuring until you see a house, but remember where you set up camp (take note of the coordinates in the top right corner). To experienced players, looting houses can take a very short time. However, beginner players may take longer, but looting becomes a very easy skill to learn. The only real skill is determining what is important enough to keep and what you can drop. A 9MM may seem useless vs. the vegas rifle but you can keep more ammo with the 9MM when thinking spaciously. So very quickly you will notice that a backpack will answer this problem. This may not always be the issue as some players will experience different problems at different times. The biggest focus right off the bat in any game is food. When this problem is fixed will also differ. Since farming is not yet a thing in The Dead Linger, you must scavenge every single crumb. This may sound hard, and to some it will be a tad difficult, but if you ration out food well you can survive a pretty long time. Remember, the map is 64,000x64,000 km and so there will be a lot of fields and towns to raid for food. Weapons can also be an issue. Like in the previous scenario, choosing a weapon can be hard. Ranged weapons aren't silenced (except for the bow and arrow, plus the crossbow) and so melee weapons are very important and beneficial. The Ax, for example, kills most zombies in just 2-3 hits and can hit multiple zeds as can most, if not all, melee weapons. The infection risk can be a tricky thing to watch out for. You can check this by bringing up your inventory (press 'B' by default controls) and looking at the biohazard bar in your stat screen. Certain items can increase this risk. Luckily it will say if said item is contaminated when you put the mouse over it in the inventory screen. The gas mask is an item which lowers the infection risk.


In The Dead Linger you may face as few as one foe, or even hordes. To deal with them effectively is an important way of staying alive in the apocalypse. As with any less-experienced survivor being silent and swift is one way to go, but in the situation you come across a horde there are a few options. The survivor can first run away in the hopes of escaping from that horde, they can make a stand and fight, or they can hope to avoid them or even just pick off a few at a time. If you are somebody who is more experienced a horde might be the thing you are looking for. If you have a high-damage melee (Fire-Ax, Sledgehammer, Katana etc.) then dealing with hordes should be an easy task. Remember however you can use guns if the survivor feel like it, but make sure all shots hit their mark (Aim for the head). The idea is that you strike one or two zombies at once, then back away for a second to allow them to stutter (This is the point in time where they were going to strike but your sudden movement made them decide not to hit), then return with another swing. This simple, repetitive tactic should work well with small hordes and single zombies, however dealing with larger hordes a survivor might find it necessary to use a firearm.