Swerts convenience store

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A Swerts store
The inside of a Swerts store

Swerts Convenience Stores, added in Alpha Build 003 were the first retail type building to be implemented into the game. They can be found in towns and occasionally and suburbs. The stores commonly contain food items and consist of a main shop floor, small back rooms and a roof which can be accessed via an outdoor ladder. The shop is named after $100 Kickstarter backer "Swert".

History[edit | edit source]

Version Change
Build 010h
  • Some detail objects have been added to the Swerts rooftops.
Build 009
  • The Swerts store has undergone some substantial texture changes to enhance general grunginess and wear.
  • Swerts now only have a 1% chance of spawning in Suburban zones.
  • Swerts now have a 20% chance of appearing in Town zones.
Build 008b
  • The various weapon spawn rates behind the counter of a Swerts store have been tweaked a bit.
Build 003
  • New building: Swerts Convenience Store.

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