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Administrators or sysops are members of the community have been entrusted with special editing powers, such as the ability to delete a page or change protection levels. While the term "administrator" may give off an air of authority, they do not have any more authority than the average user. Rather, they are regular users who have abilities that can not be granted to everyone for safety reasons. Their voice does not carry any more weight in discussions than that of an unregistered user. (See also: What Adminship Is Not) Anyone can become an administrator, as long as the community deems them trustworthy enough. You may nominate yourself or someone else for adminship at The Dead Linger Wiki:Admin nominations.

Beyond special editing abilities, what sets administrators apart is their ability to block users for any period of time. Thus, admins enforce the code of conduct. However, they do so in cooperation with the community—they respond to complaints from other users, and people are free to dispute a punitive action or to ask other administrators for their input. Administrators may be demoted for abusing their power.

If a consensus is reached on an action only admins can go, e.g. deletion, users should leave a message on the talk pages of an administrator to request editing help.

List of active admins[edit source]

These administrators are willing to respond to requests by users and generally provide help. Note that administrators are not required to use their abilities to help other users, so please respect the wishes of those on the list of admins who are not on this list. The currently active admins are: