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This article contains some frequently asked questions about the The Dead Linger wiki.

How do I...?[edit source]

Question: How do I do fancy stuff like making links or infoboxes?

Answer: Try checking out Wikipedia's cheat sheet for the simple answer, and Wikipedia's tutorial for in-depth instructions.

Question: How do I make articles look good?

Answer: For our basic wiki style, check out our style guidelines. For all the details, check out Wikipedia's extensive manual of style.

Question: I'm new at using <example> code. How do I practice it without messing up articles?

Answer: If you want to try out something new and see whether it works, use our sandbox page.

Question: Why can't I do <example>?

Answer: Some actions, like deleting pages, are not available to regular users. Ask someone who does have that privilege, like an administrator, to help you. If you can't do what other users can, some of your rights may have been revoked because you abused them.

Code of conduct[edit source]

Question: A user is harassing me, how do I make them stop?

Answer: If you can't talk things out with another user, and you think they've violated wiki policy with their behavior, contact an administrator.

Question: It says I'm blocked from editing, but I've never even used the wiki before! What's up?

Answer: People are allowed to edit anonymously using only their IP address. However, vandals and spambots' IP addresses will be banned like any other user breaking the code of conduct. Internet Service Providers reassign IP addresses from time to time, and you may have ended up with an IP previously used by a rulebreaker. If you think this is the case, please e-mail an administrator about it.

Other[edit source]

Question: I'm not sure if I'm making a good edit. What do I do?

Answer: In general, you should be bold. If you think the wiki would benefit, do it! If the change is probably going to be controversial, though, discuss it on the article's talk page and establish a consensus before you edit.

Question: Do I really need to type out "The Dead Linger Official Wiki:" every time to link to the wiki namespace?

Answer: All wikis running MediaWiki software will also recognize "Project:", which is much shorter. For example, Project:Sandbox links to the sandbox.

Question: This wiki is terrible and has blatantly false information.

Answer: So fix it. That's how wikis work, if you think it needs improving then you can improve it yourself. Also, that's not a question.