Vintovka Mosina Rifle (7.62x54mm)

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Vintovka Mosina Rifle (7.62x54Rmm)

Weapon rifle mosin.png

Internal name: weapon_rifle_mosin
Type: Rifle
Hands: Two-handed
Inventory size: 2x4
Durability: 2000
Primary damage: 180 (projectile)
Primary knockback: 1
Ammunition: 7.62x54 mm
Magazines: Loaded Directly
Rounds per Magazine: 5

The Vintovka Mosina Rifle is a large caliber rifle. It was present in the first alpha build. As of Alpha Build 002, the Mosina is the most powerful weapon in game. They are sometimes scavenged in foyers. The Mosina is likely based off of the World War Two surplus Russian Mosin–Nagant 91/30 rifle.

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