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This article is about the building. For the development design tool, see Watertower.

A water tower in Build 004.

Water towers are structures currently found in towns and occasionally suburbs. It can be climbed, and is generally a safe place to hide from zombies. No items can currently be found here, however the top of a water tower can prove to be a very useful place to snipe zombies - or other players. A ladder allows you access to the large empty tank at the top of the tower.

History[edit | edit source]

The water tower was one of the first structures added to the game. It was useful for the developers to use the structure to test size, scale and view distance in The Dead Linger's early alpha stage. Early on in development world generation bugs would cause towns to spawn multiple water towers. The resulting large number of water towers in early maps inspired the name for the scene generator tool.[1]

Version Change
Build 010h
  • The interior water tower ladder now extends to the bottom of the tank, so survivors will no longer have trouble getting back out of the tank once they’ve dropped down into it.
Build 009
  • Town zones will almost always have at least 1 water tower.
  • Suburban zones now have a very rare chance of having a water tower.
Build 006
  • The collision and texture of the iconic water tower has been vastly improved and updated.
Build 004
  • The water towers are undergoing some visual changes in preparation for ladders in a future build.
Build 001
  • Water towers part of initial release.

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References[edit | edit source]

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