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Pistols, Hunting rifles, and Hunting shotguns are all very unique. Ammunition, stopping power, and accuracy are all examples of uniqueness in the types and variants of guns.

Pistols[edit | edit source]

The Rabbit-Two-Two Handgun is the "Runt" of handguns in The Dead Linger, using .22 LR, having the smallest magazine capacity of all the handguns (10), and doing the least damage of firearms in the game, this is the weakest handgun but is the easiest to find. Next up is the J-Mac 49 Pistol. This "Hand Cannon" boasts the larger 5.56 mm and has the largest magazine capacity of all the handguns, this is a fairly well balanced handgun. Last comes the Mediator Handgun. This is a very reliable handgun to have, as it uses the very powerful 9 mm, features 13 rounds per magazine, and includes a small amount of knock back. This is a very powerful handgun.

Hunting Shotguns[edit | edit source]